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I want to start Nightfever in my city

We are glad that you want to know more about Nightfever.

“Nightfever” is more than just an evening. The Nightfever evening is an offer and part of the international Nightfever initiative, a prayer movement of young Christians (16-35 years) in the Catholic Church. Therefore, to celebrate Nightfever, you have to stay in touch with us and have to be trained by the international team before you can get the permission to start Nightfever.

Nightfever has a dual purpose. On the one hand, we celebrate Nightfever in central and prominent locations in order to reach people for whom religion does not currently play a role in their lives. As young people want to offer a chance to all generations to experience God’s love and mercy. On the other hand, Nightfever also creates opportunities for the people within the initiative: It provides young people with the chance to take responsibility and to grow in their faith together with others. This chance for young people to take responsibility and to grow in their faith has always been a central aspect of Nightfever ever since its creation in 2005 and we want it to continue this way.

Nightfever is just one in a multitude of ways to get people in touch with God, but if it is chosen, the aspects outlined above should be emphasized and respected. Nightfever is not about spreading the initiative to as many places as possible, but it is supposed to be a chance for young people to actively shape the church, to take responsibility, and to offer others the possibility to encounter and experience God.


From its start, Nightfever is being organized and carried out by young volunteers. Since Nightfever especially wants to reach those who do not feel close to the Church, Nightfever should take place in central churches, in neighborhoods where it is possible to invite passersby into church.  Normally, we celebrate Nightfever till midnight.

If you are interested in starting Nightfever and your church is located in the center of the city, please contact info [at] We need two contact persons with a strong faith, who are between the ages of 18 – 35.

Together we will examine if it is possible to start Nightfever or if another form of prayer evening with similar elements (lighting candles, etc.)


should be preferred. For us, it is very important to be in touch and to know who celebrates Nightfever. If it is possible to celebrate Nightfever in your city, you will be trained by the international Nightfever team. Afterwards, you will receive the permission to celebrate Nightfever and to organize it. We are all young adults who are eager to make God’s mercy touchable and who want to make it possible for others to encounter God. For us Nightfever is more than an evening. It is a prayer movement. Therefore, we accompany you during the time of preparation.

Buying candles is easy and quickly done.

However, “Nightfever” is more than organizing an evening. The time of preparation takes 6 months, during which we prepare Nightfever and ourselves mainly through prayer. Within this time we train all the new teams all over the world because we want to celebrate every Nightfever evening in the same spirit and we want to make sure that the charisma and vision of Nightfever is maintained. Together we will take a look at the beginning of Nightfever: Why did Nightfever come about? How did it start? We not only talk about the Nightfever evenings and the different tasks but also about the Nightfever initiative in general. After the training and the joint preparation you receive the permission to celebrate Nightfever.

We are looking forward to your mail and would be happy if you could tell us a little about yourselves. How do you know Nightfever? Have you experienced Nightfever yourselves? If so, where? Do you have a central church and young people to help you? We will get in touch with you!