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What is Nightfever?

“Nightfever“ is a night of prayer and part of the Nightfever initiative which is rooted in the Catholic Church.

The Nightfever evening is a night of prayer, organized by young people who have experienced the love of God and want to pass His love on to others. We want to be a bridge between individuals, parishes and spiritual communities. The evenings are organized by young adults the same age as the participants of the World Youth Day. The teenagers and young adults are the “morning watchmen“, quote Saint Pope John Paul II. Through Nightfever, we experience that great things can happen when young people carry responsibility.

It is our goal to help those far away from the Church to encounter God and to experience His love and mercy. We are convinced that this encounter with God can change everything. To reach passersby who might have strayed from the Church, Nightfever takes place in central churches close to bars, restaurants and movie

theaters, places where people pass by late at night. With a candle, we invite them to shortly interrupt their evening plans and to come into the church.

We are happy and grateful that so many young people all over the world are on fire for this cause and help to provide a new access, a new way to experience God within their cities. We owe all this to God who blesses this initiative. Worldwide, all Nightfever-teams are connected in prayer. Once a year, we all meet in order to get to know each other and to exchange our experiences. It is great that this is possible despite the size that our initiative has reached by now. Staying in touch, however, is crucial if we want to maintain the charisma of Nightfever and want to celebrate it in the same spirit all over the world. If you are interested in Nightfever, please contact us at info[at] Together, you and our international team will decide on how to start Nightfever in your city. For more information click here.

Nightfever in Bonn

The idea for these Nightfever evenings developed after the World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne. The first evening originally was meant to be nonrecurring and took place on 29th October 2005. The evening was based on the modified concept of the Evening of Mercy of the Emmanuel Community.