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FAQ Nightfever

What is Nightfever?

Nightfever is an international initiative of young Christians between 16 and 35 years of age, which was founded after the World Youth Day in Cologne in 2005 and wants to make the love and mercy of God tangible. If you want to know more, have a look here.

What happens at a Nightfever evening?

It starts with a Holy Mass, followed by an evening of touching music, prayer in a fascinating atmosphere. You are cordially invited to come and experience it for yourself. Come and go as long as you like.

Can you drop by without registering?

You are welcome to drop in spontaneously without registration and stay as long as you like and have time.

What can you do as a visitor?

On a Nightfever evening you can expect different possibilities: come to rest, let yourself be touched by the music, light your candle in your intentions, let a bible verse be given to you, let yourself be prayed for, let yourself be blessed, have a conversation, experience sacramental forgiveness.

Feel free to check out the elements at Nightfever and what you can experience as a visitor.

Where can I get in touch if I want to get involved with Nightfever?

You are cordially invited to become part of the worldwide Nightfever initiative, to contribute to the Nightfever evening with your ideas and skills, to support Nightfever through prayer, to donate etc. You can find ideas here.

Can you attend Nightfever as a group?

You are also welcome to visit Nightfever as a group. You are cordially invited to come and get to know Nightfever. It would be nice if you register at info@nightfever.org so that we can greet you at the church door or at the service.

Is it possible to participate in the Nightfever evening as a confirmation group?

You are welcome to attend a Nightfever evening as a confirmation group. There is a special offer waiting for you: We will offer you an introduction to the evening on site and give you the opportunity to experience it for yourself and to help out if you like. Please contact us by e-mail at info@nightfever.org. We will then get in touch with you in time.

How can I start Nightfever in my city?

The Nightfever evening is part of a worldwide initiative of young Christians between the ages of 16 and 35. To keep the vision of Nightfever alive, you and your team will be accompanied and trained by our national teams before Nightfever can start in your city. Click here for more information.

What does the Nightfever logo mean?

The logo symbolises the burning heart.

Who is allowed to use the Nightfever logo?

The Nightfever logo is legally protected and may not be used by third parties.