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What is Nightfever?

The Nightfever prayer evening is more than just an evening: the Nightfever evening is an offer and a part of the international Nightfever initiative, which is a prayer movement of young Christians in the Catholic Church. To celebrate Nightfever, you therefore need to be in contact with us.

The Nightfever evening is an open prayer evening of young people who want to pass on the love of God they have experienced themselves and follows a fixed concept worldwide. We want to be a bridge between individuals, congregations and communities. The evenings are organised and designed by young adults between the ages of 16 and 35 who have been trained beforehand by the international Nightfever team. At Nightfever we experience that great things can happen when young people are in charge and trusted. The youth and young adults are the "guardians of the new morning" - St. Pope John Paul II.

What can I expect on a Nightfever evening?


The focus of Nightfever is prayer, the conversation with God. We gather in front of the altar to adore Jesus in the form of bread.
Just as we are, with everything that depresses us or makes us happy, we may come to Jesus and talk to him about everything, like with a good friend.
Even if our thoughts are still unsorted, the time of silence can help us to get a clear head again.

Lighting a candle

We invite passers-by in the pedestrian zone to come into the church for a few minutes to light a candle. The candle continues to burn as a visible sign of your intentions when you leave the church.
The candles burn brightly in the dark church; their light spreads hope and confidence and gives Nightfever its special atmosphere.


We also want to share the wonderful experience of God's love and closeness with those who do not yet know it. That is why we invite people on their way from the cinema or to a concert, for example, to spend a moment in the church and let themselves be touched by God's presence.
Without obligation, without commitment.

Talk and reconciliation

Many things occupy us in our lives. Often a conversation helps us to find orientation again. At Nightfever, priests sit in the aisles of the church. They are there for such conversations. They listen, give advice and are absolutely discreet.

You also have the opportunity to receive the sacrament of reconciliation (confession) from the priests and thus experience a release from your guilt. In confession, Jesus gives us all his love and mercy. Many visitors are very touched and relieved by this experience.

Bible verse

You can meet God in his "Word to you". On the steps in front of the altar there are Bible verses for this purpose, from which you may draw one.
Often the verse you draw fits exactly into the current situation in our lives. It can give us an impulse for our conversation with God.


The priests can also bless you. The blessing through the laying on of hands is a particularly impressive opportunity to feel the presence of God. In the blessing we experience God as the one who is present in people's lives.

Prayer requests

In addition to personal prayer, there is the opportunity to have your own intentions prayed for. These intentions can be written on a piece of paper and placed in a red box provided for this purpose. Religious sisters from a convent will then pray for them.
Of course you can write down your intention anonymously, because God knows us. He knows who has written down which intention.

Singing and music

The Nightfever evening is carried by beautiful music. The music helps us to open up to God. Between the songs we also hear psalms - the oldest songs in the Bible - and short prayers.

Workshops, Talks & Catecheses

Nightfever also offers workshops or catecheses on interesting topics related to faith in everyday life. These take place in a room separate from the church service.

In the talks, we reflect on how the faith and the Catholic teachings of the Church can be applied in life.

Catecheses are talks and conversations about the faith.

Curious about it?