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Voices of Nightfever

Voices 2020

„I was very impressed by the music and the welcoming prayer atmosphere. I felt better after worship and had a wonderful evening with God. I can highly recommend it! Thank you to the team for making this precious time with God possible.“27 July 2020
Julia, 22

„Beautiful! A heartfelt thank you & God's blessings to you all! I am already looking forward to the next time. God with you!“8 March 2020

„Thank you for this evening. An evening that removes any doubt that God exists. No matter where we are and what we do, HE is there. The songs made it easier for me to meet HIM again this evening.“08 March 2020
Philipp, 40

„Today we took part in Nightfever for the first time as a confirmation group. I am overwhelmed! It is so emotional! Keep up the good work.“15 February 2020
Angelika, 43

„Thank you for the light on my path!“01 February 2020
Christiane, 26

„A good and very pleasant end to the day. Thank you very much that someone approached me on the street in front of the church and gave me a candle, otherwise I would not have been able to experience this contemplative end to the day. Thank you!“11 January 2020
Michael, 29

„Nightfever is always a strengthening and comforting encounter with God.“11 January 2020
Philipp, 40

Voices 2019

„Very touching ♥“23 November 2019

„Very moving and beautiful. Great atmosphere to find oneself and God.“19 November 2019

„TGreat sermon today! It's nice that many people like to sing these songs - like last time, I had visitors next to me who sang along well and strongly :-)“9 November 2019
Chris, 30

„A wonderful atmosphere. Security. You want to stay all night!“03 August 2019
Ecky, 53

„Very beautiful - you can feel God here!“06 July 2019
Manuel, 18

„It was, as so often, a wonderful evening in communion with Him and with each other.“15 June 2019
Jonas, 29

„Simply overwhelming! You feel the "love" so close!“18 May 2019

„NIGHTFEVER is a wonderful, quietly atmospheric event. It brings me closer to my faith by allowing me to choose whether to pray, listen to the live music, write down a prayer or enjoy the atmosphere. I feel like I'm in a sanctuary. I try to come to every Nightfever evening and engage with my feelings and my faith. I find forgiveness and love in my prayers. Thank you!“6 April 2019
Angelina, 27

Voices 2018

„It was great again. The music is just great. The visit always gives strength and courage.“17 November 2018
Michael, 44

„Thank you so much for Nightfever. I came here with a head full of thoughts, questions and worries and now leave with much more peace within me. Always a good point of contact with God!“9 November 2018
Chris, 31

„One hour of Nightfever is like a week's holiday for the soul.“01 October 2018

„It could not be more beautiful. One is really carried away in the praise, which is sung and played simply and so intimately.“15 September 2018
Maria, 70

„It was so beautiful, a unique atmosphere. You could switch off and let go.“05 August 2018
Dieter, 56

„It's beautiful because you can listen to the music and it's quiet. It's just different from other times in church. I think you can pray very well with the music.“17 March 2018
Lena, 8

„There is a wonderful, peaceful, reflective atmosphere in the church. Although you don't know the other people, you feel connected.“27 January 2018
Lea, 20

Voices 2017

„It was very beautiful. I felt a lot of warmth and love. Thank you for everything.“ 04 November 2017

„It was a wonderful atmosphere. Just to look at the church in the candlelight and the beautiful singing, just beautiful.“ 15 July 2017
Daniel and Tabea, 25

„God touched my heart today. Thank you for this :)“ 18 June 2017
Mareike, 23

„A very great idea. We were very touched.“ 20 May 2017

„Thank you for the opportunity to find a little peace with my anxious thoughts!“ 22 April 2017
Stephan, 47

„Impressive. Heavenly. Beautiful experience. Thank you.“ 25 March 2017
Kira, 24

„A beautiful event with a great atmosphere, which certainly also gives many people support in difficult times!“ 18 February 2017
Sabine, 41

„Really impressive, I felt the presence of God!“ 21 January 2017
Joshua, 19

„Beautiful music and atmosphere. Wonderful to come to peace again. Thank you <3“ 02 January 2017
Janine, 13

Voices 2016

„A special encounter that changes everything. THANKS!“19 November 2016
Winny, 57

„Quite wonderful - a place of silence and reflection in all the hustle and bustle! Thank you“12 November 2016
Matthew, 39

„A dreamlike evening. The closeness of God was so present. Thank you for the wonderful worship music. God bless you.“15 October 2016
Birgit, 50

„I found it very moving and emotional. I enjoyed it! Thank you very much for this experience.“22 August 2016
Lea, 17

„Again and again a place to meet myself, but above all to meet God and to come to rest. Beautiful!“ 18 June 2016
Mareike, 23

„Completely unexpectedly invited. Completely calm and moved, I now walk out again. An unforgettable visit. Thank you!“25 April 2016

„God has touched me deeply again. Thank you for this intense evening.“ 23 January 2016
Anna, 20